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Web Design

Agile Consulting work in progress

Agile Consulting


Design & Development
.HTML5 .CSS3 .Responsive.

Myriad Online Web Design

Myriad Online

% K

.Fixed width .Custom UI elements

Gaming storefront design

Gaming Storefront


.Fixed width .Storefront Design

My Portfolio version 1

Shantanu-gautam (v1)


Design & Development
.HTML5 .CSS3 .Fixed width

Branding Design

Hong Ye Eco Technologies Logo Design

Hong Ye Eco Technologies

% K

. Logo Design . Name Card Design . Stationary Design.

mywebonly Logo Design


% K

. Logo Design.

vmons.com Logo Design


% K

. Logo Design

urban residential logo

Urban Residential Services


. Logo Design

From the Blog

Events Home Page Psd

A Home page Psd for a hypothetical Events company Full page preview DOWNLOADS PSD

Vintage Camera Psd

A Detailed Vintage Camera Psd DOWNLOADS Psd

Random Splash Screen

Full screen background slider with CSS3 Just something I was experimenting with . Admittedly it doesn’t adhere to semantic usage of tags and creates additional divs just for containing image. Demo Works only in the latest Chrome, Safari and Firefox. DEMO LINK

Simple Blog Psd

A simple blog layout psd, styled to look like a tumblr blog. Includes simple effects courtesy of awesome textures from subtlepatterns. Full sized preview DOWNLOADS PSDs


Step by Step



An effective discussion to outline the scope of the project and understand your expectations.



Comprehensive research on your product ,the styles you require and analysis of competitors designs to help you stand out.



Based on the work a specific number of drafts will be presented as decided before during the discussion phase.



I strive for perfection,but there is still a chance you might required edits.This phase is dedicated to perfecting the design for your needs

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In a Nutshell

I am a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering from NTU, Singapore. I have been working as a freelance Graphic/ Web Designer for the past four years. I am sucker for elegant, pixel perfect and functional interfaces.This is what i strive to attain in all my projects.

I can help you with:

  • .Designing a unique brand identity.
  • .Designing a Beautiful website.
  • .Designing Print materials.

Me Elswhere


Very prompt and professional with edits and production of the original design. Anyone who would like to hire a designer who puts the work first would enjoy working with you. I did - I'm quite used to artists that take their leisurely time, so this was a breath of (professional) fresh air.


Shantanu is fast and thorough. He made sure he got everything right and the end results looked amazing!

Hagan Blount

I enjoyed working with you a lot. You were very professional, development was fast and consistent, and your communication was excellent. Really, I have nothing to complain about and I certainly appreciate your work.I'd like to work with you in the future if the opportunity arises.

Matthew (Myriadonline)